Google Lit Trip

I went on a Google Lit Trip using the program Google Earth and it let me explore the whole city of London, England from my laptop! So what exactly is a Google Lit Trip? It is essentially a program that lets your students pick a book from any grade level and lets them follow the book’s setting around to the different places the book takes the characters. Instead of looking at illustrations in a book your students will get a real-life experience by using Google Earth with the book. For example, I chose the book “A Walk In London” and toured places in London the characters actually went. By using Google Earth, I toured the Buckingham Palace,  the Bank of England, and other landmarks right from my laptop. Google Earth not only shows real-life pictures of these landmarks but it can also give a brief tour and information about them too. On my trip, I started at Buckingham Palace, traveled through Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, and then onto the River of Thames where the trip ended. I learned not only that the Covent Garden is called the Royal Opera House but also learned that reading can be both interactive and knowledge-building for students about important landmarks around the world. Google Lit Trip surprised me by how many books there were to choose from according to grade level. At any grade level,  Google Lit Trip is an interesting and fun way to spark up the classroom by going on a virtual tour while following a book. In an elementary classroom, I might use Google Lit Trips with students in the future by picking a book from the large selection it offers and go on the journey as a whole class. This way not only are the students practicing reading but it would also introduce students to important places around the United States and the world. Using Google Lit Trips gives reading a whole new dimension and twist into the classroom that will engage students to learn in a fun and interactive way.

Ohio Standard 4.7: Teachers use resources effectively, including technology, to enhance student learning.

Justification: Google Lit Trip utilizes technology effectively while helping students learn better. Children, in grades K-3, will have a better understanding of geography, historical landmarks, and cultures while practicing their reading and comprehension skills. Google Lit Trip enhances student learning because it gives them concrete evidence of the places that a book mentions and increases student engagement.



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