EDpuzzle is a platform that allows teachers to edit and crop any video lesson, add formative assessments into the videos, and track video usage in the classroom or at home. To get started on EDpuzzle, the teacher must create an account and a class online with the necessary content. Then, the student must join the class by either code or link to the online class. EDpuzzle is an awesome website that allows instruction to be online in an easy and convenient place for students to complete video lectures and formative assessments. EDpuzzle would ultimately be for blended learning models such as the flipped classroom or flex model. A teacher could check to see if all students watched the video lecture before class  and answered all the questions that were embedded into the video. Another great feature on EDpuzzle is the ability to embed multiple formative assessments throughout the video to check for understanding. The video simply pauses and a question to the right of the video appears. If the student does not know the answer, they can rewatch a small portion of the video to listen for the answer. The student must watch the video before answering any of the questions and cannot move on in the video until the question is answered.  This lets a teacher see if any students need any supplemental instruction or help before any additional in-class activities take place. A third perk of using EDpuzzle is it’s great for not overloading a student’s cognitive load. Since a teacher can edit and crop videos into any length they may want, they could delete any unnecessary parts of the video that their students may not need to know. Another component of EDpuzzle is that it lets teachers put annotations into the video that allows them to ask rhetorical questions. Lastly, EDpuzzle is engaging and makes students pay attention to the video because they must answer the questions throughout the video before they can move on. EDpuzzle could also be used if a teacher knows they are going to be absent for a day and could make the video lesson for the substitute teacher to use or a teacher could also use it for an absent student to get caught up on lessons. No matter the way you may want to use it, EDpuzzle is an awesome way to present a lesson to students that is engaging, informative, and fun.

Ohio Standard 3.1: Knowledgeable about assessment types, purposes, and resulting data.

Ohio Standard 3.2: Select, develop, and use variety of assessments.

Justification: EDpuzzle demonstrates that teachers are knowledgeable about assessment types, purposes, and resulting data. Edpuzzle is strictly a formative assessment that monitors student learning over a short period of time to provide ongoing feedback and to check understanding. Then, teachers can use the resulting data to improve their teaching technique and to improve students’ knowledge on a topic. EDpuzzle shows that this teacher uses a variety of assessment types to evaluate student progress while reflecting on their practice.



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